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7449265884 Credit card swiping in Chennai

Credit card swiping in Chennai After demonetization, credit card swiping rate was increased to 4% drastically. Once the situation comes to normal partially during month of April, we started offering these service for 3.5%. Now we come back to completely normal and providing services for only 3%. So now customers are invited for the same […]

spot cash on credit card

Spot cash on credit card It is like payday loans. you can withdraw cash from your credit card if you have any emergency financial need. we accept following credit cards. Visa/Master Card – 3% Diners Card – 5% Amex Card – 6%

74492 65884 credit card to cash chennai

credit card to cash chennai What are the reasons to take money from Credit Card ? Is it right or wrong ? 01. Family situation – you can not ask the money to the person who are offering cash for interest. because he will not trust you. but, during urgency, one is taking money from […]

74492 65884 credit card to cash in chennai

Credit card to cash in chennai Providing cash against credit card purchase is one of the way to encash your money from your credit card. Even bank provides to withdraw cash from ATM using Credit card. But, if they reduce the interest rate for withdrawing cash from credit card, people will not use other outlets […]

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